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Waterfall Hike + Meditation




Saturday mAY 19    10 am

SUNDAY MAY 20      10 AM


$16 per person

Join Schu Tours for a morning of mindfulness in one of the most beautiful forests in Pennsylvania. Start with a quick primer on meditation and apply it during the 7.2 mile Falls Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park. Plenty of time to stop for snacks and photo opportunities, this hike is perfect for most as long as you're of average ability and comfortable walking at a slow pace for a few hours. Practice meditation, breathing techniques, and mindfulness tools to create a deeper connection with your true self.




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Learn a basic mindfulness meditation that you can practice anywhere on your own. Begin your practice during the 7 mile hike through Ricketts Glen.

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Enjoy a guided day hike while passing more than twenty beautiful waterfalls. Learn about the neuroscience of your brain on nature and experience the positive and lasting effects of it.


Professional photo coverage

Focus on truly living in the moment. Allow Schu to capture the highlights of your day hike so you don’t have to.


Here's what you need to know...



  • guided 7.2 mile hike - see over 20 waterfalls
  • guided mindfulness meditation practice
  • snacks + treats + good vibes
  • professional photos of the you + the hike highlights
  • a review of the mindfulness meditation practice + nature neuroscience tidbits for you to take home and share with your pals
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  • hiking boots or shoes with great traction. no sandals!
  • lots of water - I'd say 2 liters
  • personal snacks if you want
  • sunscreen & bugspray
  • camera - totally optional
  • hiking poles - if you want
  • any other fun bits
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What you should know

  • we'll take it pretty slow because there is a lot to see
  • the trail does include a lot of ups and downs.. that's kinda how waterfalls work
  • there will be some slippery sections
  • are you comfortable with balance? walking up and down stairs? you should be fine. worried? ask me!

Transportation & parking :

You're responsible for your own transportation. Carpooling is highly recommended! There will be a space on the sign up sheet to opt in or out of potential carpooling situations.

We will meet at the Lake Rose Trailhead Parking Lot. Don't worry, about a week before the hike I'll send you an email with more information.

Cell service is spotty at best in Ricketts Glen State Park. Please look up directions and this specific parking lot BEFORE you leave your home.