If you want to travel but do not have the time to plan anything, Sarah will take care of everything! The trip I took to Tulum became a very personal experience that I booked on a whim. I was super stressed with work. I didn’t know anyone, but Sarah. I left the trip with new friends and really special bonding time with incredible people in a very short amount of fun, relaxing, and soulful few days. I find myself refreshed, happier, and more connected with my mind and body. Definitely staying present these days.
— Becca - Tulum Rest + Reconnect Retreat

I had no idea how amazingly relaxing, renewing, and fun a vacation could be. Sarah does an amazing job of balancing schedule and direction, with independence and adventure. I would travel with Sarah again in a heartbeat.
— anonymous - Tulum Rest + Reconnect Retreat
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Sarah’s retreat in Tulum was exactly what my mind and body needed. She has a unique talent of blending travel adventures and mindfulness. Overall the retreat was well balanced with activities, yoga and of course free time, I couldn’t of asked for anything more! I’m looking forward to planning my next adventure with schutours.

Schu Tours was an excellent experience. Not only for the well planned lodging and activities, but for the positive energy and mindfulness Sarah brought to her guests. I would highly recommend booking with Sarah for your next adventure!
— anonymous - tulum rest + reconnect retreat

Traveling with Schu Tours was a breeze! Even as an experienced traveler, it was wonderful having someone like Sarah to organize and handle the big (and small) details of the trek. Having never traveled to a place like Nepal, it was nice to be able to ask questions and take her suggestions for side trips and additional stops both pre and post-trek. Having her along for every step (pardon the pun!) of our journey made the trek that much more enjoyable. We wanted for nothing! The local guides she partnered with were knowledgeable and kind, and we felt safe and supported the entire trip. It was also nice knowing that a portion of our trek fee went to support a local school and our activities helped support local employment. I know that when planning future adventure tours, we will absolutely use her services again. 10/10! Five stars!
— Lura - Nepal Trekking + meditation
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If you’re looking for an average joe kind of vacation then you’ve come to the wrong place. Sarah’s tour of Nepal was incredible and she really took care of everyone: the travelers, guides, porters and even a few friendly strangers along the way. She’s really in tune with everyone’s needs and there was absolutely no pressure to do anything I wasn’t up for doing. Sarah made it a point to help everyone grow in their experience with a foreign land and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is curious about having a hosted or guided tour.

If you want to actually experience everything that IS Nepal, look no further than Schu Tours. The sights, the people, the food, the culture; it’s all included. Honestly stop wasting your time reading the rest of this review and just book a trip with Schu Tours and experience a place you will never forget.
— Keith - Nepal trekking + meditation

Traveling to Thailand with Sarah was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was my first time so I had tons of questions for her and she was more than happy to help me before, during and after the trip. Definitely planning a future venture with her.
— Sheena - THAILAND adventure

Traveling on a SchuTour is a breeze. Sit back and relax. Sarah takes care of all the little details. You’re on vacation!
— anonymous - thailand adventure