Kanchenjunga Poncho 

Kanchenjunga Poncho 


this poncho is ENORMOUS + AMAZING 

perfect for moving through life like you deserve to stay in bed all day. let's get real, this is a blanket with a hole in it. it's the cool guy's snuggie. most people you meet will compliment you on your stylish vibe so be prepared to make friends. or put that hood up, head down, and move through the world like you're wearing an invisibility cloak. it's your life. do you + wear this amazing poncho while doin' it.

perfect for males + females. we don't play favorites here. 
also kinda perfect for couples who cuddle.. you can fit both of you under there.. send me a photo of that, please.

GIFT wrapping available, duh!

100% cotton
a trio of wood buttons near the collar
drawstring hood pulls
front hoodie pocket
side string closure option

Handpicked by Me
Made with Love in Nepal

QUESTIONS?! Ask away and I'll answer ASAP!

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