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Each element in your mala meditation pouch including the pouch itself supports low income and economically deprived craftsmen and women of Nepal. Proceeds from the purchase of these products were used to support the rehabilitation of disadvantaged women and children and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these mala meditation pouches will be used to employ not only disadvantaged women crafters, but also porters and guides hailing from remote mountain villages of Nepal. Your purchase also supports future travel to Nepal, if you are interested in visiting Nepal and touring the weaving cooperative or paper making factory, you can join me during my yearly visits. More information under the ‘adventures’ tab on this website.

Woven Pouch - Each woven pouch was handpicked by me from the Women’s Skills Development Organization in the beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara Nepal.  Each pouch is handwoven using the backstop loom. These looms are common among the Gurung and used by the women of WSDO, and are thought to be the oldest form of loom in the world. 

I have worked with and followed the progress of the WSDO for over six years. The WSDO is a non-profit fair trade organization that employs women of all ages, provides maternity leave, emergency allowance, day care, free annual health check ups, financial education and many other benefits that are practically unheard of in the developing nation of Nepal. By purchasing a woven pouch, you are supporting independence and education for the women of Nepal.

Mala Beads - Each mala was handpicked by me during my travels in Nepal. Some were found hanging high up in dusty antique shops while others were spied on sellers blankets along trails or in villages of the Himalayas. With the exception of one wooden strand, all of the mala beads are made up of Bodhi seeds. Upon purchase, I will craft and attach a new tassel to act as your guru bead. If you’re purchasing mala beads for yourself or someone else please include a favorite color as I’ll try to ensure your tassel matches your preferences. Also indicate which style of mala you prefer - big or small beads.

Himalayan Cedar Nepali Rope Incense - Extracted from the wood of a Himalayan Cedar tree, know as Dhup, this fine incense is hand-rolled and commonly used in Newar homes and stupas (temples). Because of its use in Newari culture, it’s also referred to as Newa Dhup. Newars form a linguistic and cultural community of primarily Indo-Arvan and Tibeto-Burman ethnicities whose peoples mainly follow Hinduism and Buddhism with Newari being their common language. 

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