conscious travel.


Sup? I'm Sarah Schu. For almost a decade, I wandered the globe, working in photography just enough to fund my next trip. Living simply and saving quickly has allowed me to make friends in dozens of countries and all this with only a couple thousand in my bank account at any one time.

It seemed as if everyone I talked to back home was saying something like, 'I'd love to do that, but I don't know how.' or 'I wish I could go on an epic adventure.' or 'I want to travel, but it seems overwhelming.'

That was hard for me to understand because traveling to me is as simple as getting dressed in the morning. It's intuitive. Familiar. Slightly different every day, but always welcoming and comfortable.

To urge people into world travel, I was constantly scouting and sharing flight prices, planning road trips for my buds, and hosting adventures for those unfamiliar with the outdoors. I was returning to visit foreign friends I made years previous, hosting those same folks at my house in America, and exchanging letters with acquaintances from half a decade ago. Traveling and connection just comes easily to me. It makes me feel alive. It gives my life purpose.

Year after year, friends would say something like, 'I'm coming with you on your next trip.' So one day I posted cheap flights to Thailand and a simple offer, 'come with me,' and five people did! I couldn't believe it.  After half a decade of using photography to fund travel, I decided to do something drastic. Leave photography (mostly) behind to try to turn travel into a viable career and opportunity for everyone.

Schu Tours is the realization of that dream.

Schu Tours provides others with the amazing experiences I have been having all these years. A combination of adventure travel, daily meditation, and social impact creates a lasting, meaningful travel experience. An experience that will hover over the weeks, months, and years long after the adventure has come and gone. I know because I've done it and I cannot stop doing it.

I realized I couldn't completely leave photography in the dust. Once I stopped focusing on it as a career, it morphed back into my passion. I photograph every adventure anyway, so why not share the photos with you? Photographing each trip also allows you to put down your phone and truly live in the present. Plus you'll have professional photos to remind you of the magic for decades to come.

Learning to live in the moment, unplug and connect with those around you, all while trying bold new escapades leaves a positive imprint on your neurological circuit. Mindful travel and meaningful connection will give you the perspective to go about each moment with an enhanced level of appreciation and gratitude.  Schu Tours adventures are truly the beginning of the rest of your life.

Allow yourself a weekend (or two weeks!) to disconnect from life and reset to your new normal. Meditative mornings, afternoons of adventure, and tea breaks with new friends bring about a simplicity that is hard to leave behind once you travel home to your next big adventure : daily life.

Join me. I dare ya.