schu tours


Schu Tours strives to combine the exhilarating moments with the mindful ones. High energy activities are actually the perfect opportunity to remain in the moment. During each Schu Tours adventure the goal is simple, stay present and have a kick ass time.


Meditation is woven into each day of the Schu Tours adventures. Allow Schu to introduce mindfulness practices that you can take home with you in order to live a more peaceful existence.


Traveling with Schu Tours means exposing yourself to a new culture and making a few local friends along the way. You'll learn, taste, talk, and experience your way through a foreign culture alongside the rest of the #SchuCrew.


Schu Tour adventures employ locals. Beyond that, we identify and support charities that aid the communities we travel in. By focusing on small projects and hand delivering funds, supplies, and equipment, we ensure our impact is felt.