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nov 4 2018 - NOV 18 2018

starting from $2200 per person

Beginning each morning with meditation and closing each evening with reflection, visit many places in Nepal that visitors pass by. Explore the ancient monuments and religious shrines in Kathmandu before heading off to immerse yourself in the heart of the jungle in Chitwan National Park. Get up close with elephants, glimpse rare gharial crocodiles, and hear the songs of some of the 500 bird species found in the park. Even if you’re not religious, a visit to Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace, is sure to be a beautiful experience. Learn about the culture of the Newari people before heading to Pokhara, a beautiful lakeside city, home to artists, yogis, and wandering hippies. See the sunrise from Sarankot, trek through the hills of Bandipur and glimpse amazing panoramic views while trekking about in Bhaktapur. Support local makers, shop the handmade stalls, and squeeze in one more temple visit in Kathmandu before heading home.


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Practice guided meditation, breathing techniques, and mindfulness tools to create a deeper connection with not only yourself, but the world around you. Journaling prompts and evening reflection will create a more conscious traveling experience.



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See the best of crazy Kathmandu from the ancient monuments and religious shrines to the back lanes of the old bazaar. Stimulate your senses in a city that is home to more than a million people, add the Kathmandu valley surrounding the city and there’s another million and a half residing here.

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Witness the culture of the Newari people. Explore ancient architecture, Buddhist stupas, and monasteries. Feel as if you’re traveling back in time as you immerse yourself in mountain culture.




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Visit the heart of the jungle in Chitwan, where we’ll stay at the Jungle Villa Resort and craft activities that align with our desires. Washing elephants, open-top jeep rides through the preserve, a canoe ride down the Rapti River where we’ll spot crocs and colorful birds, a jungle walk, and a lovely cultural show to introduce you to Tharu singing and dancing.

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Focus on truly living in the moment. Allow Schu to capture the highlights of your trip so you don’t have to. Working as a photojournalist andphotographer for over eight years means Schu will have her camera at the ready to capture the epic views, looks of pure bliss, and unexpected action from the trail.


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Sarah’s favorite hangout is Pokhara. It’s the second largest city in Nepal, but you would never think it. The lakeside district elicits a calming effect on all who stay there. Wander along the main street and do some shopping, get a massage, take a yoga class or hike up to the peace pagoda, maybe stroll around the lakeside, or test your heart strength during a para-gliding adventure. There are lots of self guided activities for you to enjoy in Pokhara.

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Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha and beautiful monasteries built in his honor by many different countries. We’ll take an evening stroll through the old bazaar, wander around the monasteries, and drive up into the hills to Thansen Palpa to visit and learn about the Newari people. From here we can also see stunning views of the Himalayas. 

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Sunrise meditation at Sarankot is something you’ll never forget. After soaking in the views we’ll head to Bandipur. Another Newari village, Bandipur has some lovely old architecture. The balcony views from our simple lodge accommodation will have you cursing your camera for not being able to capture it all.


Day 1 - Sunday Nov 4

Arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal. Transportation from the airport to a hotel in the city center. Rest and shower before dinner in the evening.

Day 2 - Monday Nov 5

Sightseeing in Kathmandu. Visits to Swayambunath Temple, Thamel Tourist District, the old Bazaars of Indra Chowk and Assan Thole, Durbar Square and the Kumari Palace.

Day 3 - Tuesday Nov 6 

More sightseeing, whatever was missed the previous day, as well as the Palace Museum and the nearby Golden Temple.

Day 4 - Wednesday Nov 7

Off early in our private transportation to Chitwan. Arrive in the heart of the jungle in the late afternoon. Relax and immerse yourself in the sound of nature on the hotel’s balcony.

Day 5 - Thursday Nov 8

A full day of exploration and programs organized by Nawa and I in conjunction with the Jungle Villa Resort.

Day 6 - friday Nov 9

A few more early morning activities at Jungle Villa before driving west to Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace. An evening stroll through the old bazaar before dinner.

day 7 - saturday nov 10

An early morning visit to Buddha's birthplace and surrounding temples and monasteries. After lunch we’ll drive to Thansen Palpa to learn about the Newari people and see majestic views of the Himalayas.

Day 8 - sunday Nov 11

Walk through Thansen Palpa in the morning before driving to Pokhara. Depending on energy levels, a calming evening stroll or self guided activity before settling down to an outdoor dinner.

Day 9 - MONday Nov 12

Many options for your day in Pokhara. Happy to arrange whatever you desire. I recommended a boat ride across the lake and a one-hour climb up to the Peace Stupa. There is also ample shopping, spa treatments, yoga classes, and general wanderings to be had. Lunch in a nice restaurant and an afternoon visit to a Tibetan Refugee Camp. Spend the evening exploring the main street before dinner.

Day 10 - TUESday Nov 13

Early transport up, up, up for a meditation sunrise at Sarankot, with an option to climb higher or stay put. Para-gliding (about $120usd) is also an extra option for the daring souls. After lunch, we’ll drive to Bandipur, explore the village village and admire the views.

Day 11 - WEDNESday Nov 14

Optional trek of about 9km down to the highway. Feel free to hitch a ride in the Jeep. After picking up the trekkers we will drive east across Kathmandu valley to Bhaktapur.

Day 12 - Thursday Nov 15

Another early start as we drive up to the rim of the Kathmandu Valley. Coffee and tea with a view and then a full day of trekking (or not) to Changu Narayan and if energy is on our side all the way back down to Bhaktapur. All the trekking is optional and able to be cut short for individuals who are feelin’ the burn.

Day 13 - Friday Nov 16

Walk the 4km (or not) into Bhaktapur center. Sightseeing amongst ancient pagodas, the Potters Square, temples, shady alleyways and beautiful open plazas. After lunch, we have a one-hour drive home to Kathmandu. We’ll rest a bit before dinner at beautiful Boudha.

Day 14 - Saturday Nov 17

The last day in Kathmandu can be spent any way you wish. We can all decide as a group or split off in factions, with ample support for whatever you desire to do. Many people conquer their Christmas shopping, visit one last spiritual site, or simply sip tea and watch the world go by before it’s back to ‘regular life’ There is also the option of visiting some small-scale local projects and organizations that are helping the citizens of Nepal through the production of cultural handicrafts or educational foundations. We can talk more about this.

Day 15 - Sunday Nov 18

It’s time to head home! Transportation to the airport and farewell hugs.


Sarah Schu

Professional photographer, travel guide, and meditation teacher.

As a child Schu dreamed of one day visiting Nepal and after her first visit in 2012, she knew she'd be back as many times as possible. Her love of Nepal and it's people are half the reason she started Schu Tours. There's no place on earth like Nepal. Fair warning, you're going to want to return again and again. I'm sorry.

Beyond her love of Nepal, Schu is an avid backpacker and traveler. She loves going into things without much of a plan and seeing what comes about. This has led Schu to meet many wonderful people, many of them turning into pen pals and life long buds. Nawa, Schu's Nepali counterpart being one of them.

Before starting Schu Tours, Sarah graduated with a photojournalism degree and worked as a freelance photographer for eight years. Schu is also trained in yoga and meditation. She actually completed her training in, you'll never guess, Nepal. Is it evident how much she loves this little country?

Schu enjoys focusing on the mental benefits of yoga, striving to incorporate meditation and pranayama into her adventures and every day moments for a more mindful, conscious approach to life.

Nawa Tamang

Professional trekking & tour guide with a background in finance.

Schu and Nawa first met during a trek in 2015. Even though they only chatted for ten minutes, Nawa immediately made an impression on her although Nawa has no recollection of that experience. 

Keeping in touch over facebook, Schu watched as Nawa used his own income and donations from trekkers to fund a local health clinic and build a computer lab in his home district. Schu knew from early on that she wanted to work with Nawa. Nawa and Schu spent many hours sipping tea and crafting the cultural consciousness adventure. 

Over the past few years alone, Nawa has supplied remote mountain regions with warm blankets and clothing to decrease infant mortality rates during winter months, he has helped dig, build, and maintain safe water drinking stations after the earthquake, and with Schu's help he has donated school uniforms and supplies to village primary schools.

After each adventure, Nawa and Schu discuss areas of need and distribute funds to various communities and projects accordingly.



Schu was never that great at holding onto her money. She believes spreading it around is the best way for it to eventually reach its way back to her. A percentage of your program fee goes directly to purchasing supplies for remote villages in the way of school supplies, clothing, tools, or technology. After the adventure you'll receive news of who benefited directly from your donation. 

If you have a vision of helping even more, reach out to Schu as she can lend focus to your goal. Even packing your extra allotted 50lb bag with school supplies or warm blankets will go a long way for remote mountain communities. 


In short, nearly everything from the moment you arrive in Nepal is covered. Here are the specifics:

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pLANNING + PERMITS + transportation

  • Pre-trip planning and support while in home country
  • All organizational requirements and government taxes 
  • Permits, conservation area, and tourism site entry fees
  • Pick up + Drop off at Kathmandu Airport
  • Transportation via private vehicle throughout the trip


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EXPERIENCED guides + charitable donation

  • One American + one Nepali guide
  • Professional images of your adventure
  • Schu Tours swag bag
  • Donations in the form of supplies + aid to a remote village in need
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  • Daily meditation class + mindfulness exercises

  • Evening prompts, reflections, discussion

  • Personalized attention to cultivate mindfulness goals

  • 15 day all inclusive cultural consciousness safar

  • 14 nights guesthouse accommodation

  • 3 meals per day + tea

  • First aid medical kit


All accommodations and meals are of high standard in twin-share rooms with attached bathrooms, heating/cooling, wi-fi, tv. etc. If you are booking with a friend you will always room together.  Nawa has personally visited and vetted each of the hotels and guesthouses where we will be staying.

It takes time to get just about anywhere in mountainous Nepal, but that also means the drives are all extremely scenic. Sometimes the roads will be a bit bumpy, but we will have our own private transportation in the form of a mini-bus, car, or jeep depending on the number of participants on the tour. This means we can stop whenever we need to for snacks, stretching our legs, bathroom breaks, and photo opportunities.


International flight to and from Nepal + Nepal visa upon arrival + Travel Insurance

Personal expenses such as laundry, souvenirs, internet access, etc + Bar and cold beverage bills

Generous tips for your hardworking Nepali guide