Koh Lipe & Thai Islands Packing List

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Packing for a trip to a Thai island is pretty simple, you don’t need too much since you’ll likely be lounging in your bathing suit most of the time.

Most recently I visited Koh Lipe, Thailand’s southern most island. Wow. Koh Lipe is pure magic. I’ve been to a number of Thai islands during my time as an English teacher, but there is something really special about this particular island. It’s really tiny and therefore easy to explore by foot and that’s what I did most days when I wasn’t lounging on one of the pristine beaches.  If you’re visiting Koh Lipe, here’s a short list of what you’ll need. I linked to the exact products I use – enjoy 🙂

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Packing List for Koh Lipe & Thai Islands:

  • sunscreen

  • bugspray

  • coconut oil (to sooth sunburn and hydrate your skin and hair) you can buy fresh pressed coconut oil on the island as well

  • hair brush

  • face oil/lotion

  • shampoo

  • conditioner

  • body wash

  • toothpaste – I love the Fennel

  • toothbrush

  • razor + blades

  • hair ties

  • make up

  • towel (I love my Turkish towel and take it everywhere)

  • sarong

  • sunglasses

  • undies

  • bralette / bra

  • bathing suits

  • sun dress

  • cover up dress

  • tank / tee

  • shorts / skirt

  • backpack/daypack/water bag

  • headphones

  • phone + charger

  • camera + accessories

  • portable speaker + charger – this is the best portable speaker I’ve ever come across.

  • dice / book / cards

  • snorkel (they are also available for rent, but you’ll want one every single day)

  • water bottle

  • flip flops (I didn’t wear shoes for a single second while on the island)

  • yoga mat

  • intention cards

  • incense – this is my favorite kind (helps keep the bugs away and helps you make new friends)

  • bottle opener (for beach beers!)

  • metal straw (optional, but awesome)

That’s that y’all. You could really get away with packing a tote bag. You’ll live in your bathing suit and sundress and really there’s no need for shoes. Koh Lipe in particular has a handful of really great clothing shops. Tons of fringe, pompoms and bohemian flair. You’ll pay a bit more than you would at a market in Bangkok, but the curated shops make the extra couple bucks well worth it. Happy holidays!