5 Tips For Traveling with a Partner (and enjoying it)


We’re big on travel. This you know. Last week we shared some traveling tips for the solo female and today we’re talking couples.Remeber these two who went on a 21 day first dates across Europe with no luggage?! My guy and I had a ten day first date ourselves. Suffice to say it went pretty swell. Traveling with your boo is so much fun!

Unless you’re hangry. Or tired. Or broke. Or sunburned. Or hungover. Or totally sober and well rested and fed. Somehow even then traveling can be rough. We’ve compiled a few tips for those trips for two.

Before you head out on your next epic adventure just remember that teensy nugget. Travel is tough. Yes, it’s super fun, but that’s mostly because of the challenges that are presented and overcome during the trip. Think back to your most memorable adventures and you’ll remember the trying moments and then the triumphant ones, so this is me saying be easy on your partner! They’re just trying to survive and thrive like you. Now let’s set ourselves up for loving them even when it’s hard to remember how. Here are five tips for traveling with a partner.

1. Set Similar / Complimentary Expectations During The Planning Phase

Talk through what you want your days to look and feel like before you take the trip. Expectations have a way of messing up everything, in pretty much any situation in life. Think about it? Whenever you’re upset it is because reality didn’t meet expectation. The best way to combat that is to a) not have expectations or b) at least set a similar standard with each other. That way you will both be equally pissed off or ecstatic when reality does its thang aka whatever the fuck it pleases. For instance, is your expectation to climb the entire Himalayan mountain range? Or to go for one hike a day and enjoy lots of cups of tea? Very different, equally admirable, just make sure yours match up or compliment each other.

2. Align Your Budgets

When traveling for an extended amount of time, budgets are really important. You may be traveling, but it’s probably not vacation every single day. Discussing your intended daily budget or at least your budget for bigger expenses like flights and hotels is very important in the planning stage. You don’t want to pinch pennies while your bud is researching glitzy rooftop bars. Being on the same page with spending when it comes to accommodation, adventures, and even eating is something that needs to be discussed and decided upon before take off.

3. Eat + Drink Enough

No, not alcohol, although yes, that too. Make sure you are hydrated. Even more than you are at home because I doubt you’re walking around your city in the sunshine for three hours on a random Tuesday. Start and end each day with a big bottle of (purified) water and make sure you keep up the hydration all day long. A water bottle should always be in your day bag while traveling.

Keep that snack intake up! I understand that you’re trying to travel on a budget, but that does not mean letting yourself go hungry. Always keep a little food in your belly. You’re less likely to cry about decision making that way. I always travel with a few favorite travel snacks with me.

4. Spend Some Time Alone

Or at least doing your own thing. Maybe you’re both at the campsite or the cafe, but read different books or journal or daydream instead of engaging in each other nonstop. Go for a run or a walk and decompress. Sometimes we don’t realize that another person is affecting our energy levels or mental capacity. It’s fine if that’s happening, what’s not fine is eventually resenting someone else because of it. It’s up to you to keep you healthy and functioning at your best.

5. Be Aware of Your Routine

Maybe you wake up early. She sleeps a little late. Instead of sitting there silently seething and looking at her beautiful sleeping form for an hour, make use of your awake time. Read a book on the balcony or grab coffees for the both of you. Don’t wake someone up before they’re ready (okay, unless it’s after 10AM) and start their day off shitty just because you are awake. Make use of your time and see the value in how your partner spends theirs. Each persons’ vacation is their own, the trick is enjoying it together.


Seriously. You’re going to have to poop in some confined quarters and nothing takes the smell away faster than lighting a match. It’s that easy. Boom! Relationship saved.