Here’s the deal, for CAMP! We are group camping. What does that mean? Basically there is an enormous campsite with enough space for us all to spread out and pitch our tents. In the center there is a huge fire ring, benches, and a few picnic tables where we’ll cook + eat. Our campsite is right near the water and you’re able to launch your kayaks, SUPs, floats, whatever onto the lake if you want to go for a paddle.

I’ve already made the campsite reservation and I will provide all of your meals at CAMP!  The sites do not have electricity, but there is a bathhouse, which I’m sure will have outlets. There’s also clean water available at our site. You are able to drive up to the site to unload your stuff, if there’s a bunch of cars, we may need to move a few to the overflow parking lot. One thing to note: This campsite is gated at night, so after a certain hour (I think it’s 8PM) you cannot leave the camping area.

Here’s what you should plan on packing for a night of camping on Jordan Lake. Of course, you don’t need everything on this list and maybe you’ll bring stuff that isn’t listed, but either way, take enough so that you are able to be warm, dry, and comfortable throughout our days at CAMP!

  • full tank of gas

  • directions to Vista Point Campground Jordan Lake

  • cell phone + charger

  • headlamp or flashlight / lantern + spare batteries

  • Battery pack

  • camping chair

  • day backpack for hiking or paddling adventures

  • tent, poles, rainfly, stakes

  • a tarp or two (you need a tarp or some type of footprint aka ground cloth for under your tent)

  • sleeping pad or air mattress (keep in mind there is no electricity.. There are air pumps that plug into vehicle cigarette lighters that work well)

  • pillow

  • sleeping bag

  • hammock and straps (I love these Atlas straps)

  • cooler + ice + drinks for yourself for the weekend

  • water bottles or camelbak to keep you hydrated during the day hikes

  • place setting - you must bring your own fork, spoon, knife, plate, bowl, cup, and mug. I will provide the meals.

  • trash bag

  • bath towel + lake towel (in case you dip your toes in or go for a paddle)

  • toothbrush and paste

  • toilet paper / baby wipes

  • hand sanitizer

  • sunscreen

  • bugspray

  • lip balm

  • basic first aid kit – I will have one as well.

  • medication + pain relievers

  • earplugs + eye mask if you’re not used to sleeping in a tent

  • brush

  • shampoo

  • conditioner

  • bodywash

  • lotion

  • glasses / contacts + solution

  • sunglasses

  • hat

  • bandana or buff

  • active clothes that are quick dry

  • layers - it’s early November so it will be chilly in the mornings and evening

  • puffy jacket or warm fleece

  • rain jacket

  • boots or trail shoes

  • socks + underwear + bra + pajamas

  • camp sandals or other shoes to give your feet a rest

  • binoculars

  • camera + accessories

  • book, playing cards, journal, etc

Just a reminder that this is a state park, so technically there is no alcohol allowed. I’m not the police though, do you boo! I hear they can be strict at times, so I would plan accordingly.