Mala Beads Meditation


Meditating with mala beads :

Mala beads are prayer beads similar to a rosary. Mala means garland and they are used to keep track of prayers, mantras, and chanting. On each string of mala, you’ll find 108 beads and a central larger bead or tassel known as the guru bead. Once you reach the guru bead, you turn the mala strand around and start again. Working through as many rounds as your practice calls for.

I find that using mala beads while meditating grounds me both mentally and physically by chanting and touching the bead. It’s a way to direct the mind towards something instead of away from something. The mala bead meditation is most helpful when I am really struggling emotionally. If you are feeling down or you find yourself ruminating, this is a great tool to use. If you do not have mala beads or you’re without at the moment, use your fingertips as a tool to work your way through several rounds of mantras and breathing.

Choose your mantra or intention :

Choosing a mantra or meditation is simple. Don’t let it be anything but. Sometimes I shift the language to be more affirmative or encompassing.  This happens in the beginning, middle, and sometimes near the end of a mantra practice. That’s okay. You could also skip the mantra and focus solely on the breath.

  • First, clarify your intention, identify the present conflict or imbalance and work to heal that.

  • Affirm what you have forgotten. Invite what you are lacking. Use it as a tool for forgiveness. Dedicate your practice to someone by sending them love.

  • Choose your words or mantra for the in and out breath.

  • Soften your gaze or close your eyes.

  • With an even breath, move your thumb over the beads one at a time while silently saying your chosen mantra.

  • When you reach the guru bead or tassel, flip the mala and complete one more round.


Mantra suggestions :

(Inhale) In forgiving others (Exhale) I forgive myself

(Inhale) Inhale gratitude (Exhale) Exhale thanks

(Inhale) I am a human being (Exhale) Not a human doing

(Inhale) I love (Exhale) I am loved

(Inhale) Empathy (Exhale) Compassion

(Inhale) I am (Exhale) _________   (insert affirmation, desire, etc here)

I am love

I am strength

I am valuable

I am resilence

I am healthy

It’s up to you! If you’re struggling with something specific and want some help, you can email me at

If you’re looking for a set of malas or other meditation tools – you can find them here.