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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I know how to meditate before I join a trip?

Nope. Schu Tours teaches very approachable mindfulness meditation. Do you know how to close your eyes? What about breathe? Great! You’ll be fine and get the hang of it in no time. You’re also able to opt out of any activities including meditation. 

How fit should I be before a Schu Tours adventure?

This definitely depends on the trip, but most of these adventures are suited for novices. You can always contact us about your personal situation, but upon sending in your deposit you’ll receive a bunch of Schu Tours materials and information to help you prepare in any way needed and that includes gettin’ your fitness on if necessary.

What if I don’t know Schu personally - isn’t that kinda weird?

Nope. Lots of strangers sign up. You barely know anyone personally that doesn’t mean you won’t have a fabulous time. Schu excels at making you feel comfortable around the crew, but also in the adventure location. Once you place a deposit and start communicating with Schu your fears will dissipate. 

Why should I go on a Schu Tours adventure?

Schu Tours adventures are an exciting yet intimate way to travel. In a short time, you’ll connect with the local culture, surprise yourself with your traveling skills, and feel invigorated by the adventure at hand. 

Schu Tours trips are perfect for solo travelers, those who feel intimidated by travel, or those who are too damn busy to plan an epic adventure for themselves. Big birthday coming up? Never went on that honeymoon? Have a crew that’s ready to adventure? Schu plans custom trips as well.

Other great reasons to join a Schu Tours adventure include: currently feeling stuck in life, a desire to shake things up, feelin’ down in the dumps too often, feelings of unworthiness, etc , these adventures are designed to show you that you are indeed capable and fucking awesome as well. 

Who goes on Schu Tours adventures?

Schu Tours normally attracts the adventurous and openminded, but if you feel like you’re lacking in these areas, a trip could be the cure. When in the destination country, we try local cuisine, ride on public transportation, and generally participate in the culture as a local would. This is how we connect deeply to destinations, locals, each other, and ourselves.

Normally Schu Tours trips are for travelers 18+ but occasionally we have family friendly adventures as well. While you mostly see ladies in these pics, Schu Tours adventures are open for everyone and males are encouraged to join!

Our trips are open to single travelers and groups. Worried about coming alone? Don’t be, you’ll likely bond immediately with other folks in the Schu Crew. 

How many people are on each trip?

Each trip has up to 12 people, with 3-8 being the norm. Schu Tours tries to keep it small so everyone has the opportunity to connect. If you’re worried about group size, just ask.

What should I pack?

No worries! Once you place a deposit you’ll receive a full packing list. If you’d like one before you committ, just ask!

When will you announce future trips?

New trips and adventures are always in the works. Follow our instagram to stay up to date or check back here from time to time.

If you have specific dates or destinations in mind or if you are in a hurry to hit the road, I can always accommodate your group of six or more with a private adventure.

Will I have any free time?

Of course. Each trip is different, but as a travel guide the aim is to show you the highlights, introduce you to an area, allow you to feel comfortable, and then set you free for a little. These trips are designed to show you equal parts the environment and destination and your own self. Schu Tours itineraries are also flexible in that you can opt out of experiences and choose to spend more time alone if you wish. 

How does payment work?

You have the option to pay all at once, or in separate installments. For each trip, a non-refundable deposit will secure your spot. The rest of the payment is due at least one month prior to the start of the trip. Payment can be made via card, PayPal, venmo, or check. Cash is welcome, but I supposed you’d have to hand deliver it!

What's included in the cost?

This varies a little bit with each trip. Typically, cost includes everything once you arrive in the country except alcohol and extra spending money. Make sure to read the information for the trip you're booking so you know exactly what's included and what isn’t.

What's not included in the cost?

It’s different for each trip and explicitly detailed on the trip page, but mostly it’s airfare, travel insurance, alcohol, and extra spending money.

Will I need a visa? What about vaccinations?

Whether or not you need a Visa will depend on your home country and the destination country. Usually this is discussed on the adventure page under included + not included, but I am always happy to help you figure this out. If you want to know ASAP just check your country’s embassy website.

What if I don't want to purchase travel insurance?

Schu Tours strongly advises you to purchase travel insurance. This is mostly in case you have to cancel the trip unexpectedly or there’s an insane act of god or weather event that cannot be navigated by Schu Tours. Schu Tours is not liable to refund you if you cancel within a month prior to the trip as noted below in the cancellation and refund policy. If you have travel insurance, you will be able to be refunded by the insurance company and Schu Tours will happily be a reference for your claim if need be.

Travel insurance will also cover things like lost baggage, delayed flights, theft, illness, etc. during the trip. 

Buying travel insurance is incredible easy. Please give me a shout if you need advice about which plan to book. 

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

If you cancel 45 or more days prior to the trip, Schu Tours will keep the non-refundable deposit and refund you the rest of what you paid. 

If you cancel 30 - 45 days prior to the trip, Schu Tours will keep the non-refundable deposit and refund you 50% of the rest you've paid.

If you cancel within 30 days of the trip, we will not be able to refund you any of the payment. 

This policy exists because Schu Tours prepares for trips and adventures by making non-refundable payments for permits, accommodation, transportation, guiding instruction, food, etc. Schu Tours encourages you to purchase travel insurance that way you can be fully refunded by the insurance company should you need to cancel your trip.  

Do you offer any discounts?

If you book with a friend or in a group, each person booking gets $$$ off the trip cost. For bigger adventures it’s usually $100+ so it’s definitely worth finding a pal to travel with. If you book alone and then find a buddy later, Schu Tours will still honor the discount, ‘cause we nice like that.

Schu Tours is also toying around with an ambassador referral program. This program allows ambassadors to earn cash money or a discount on a trip in exchange for promoting the trip to new travelers. If you're interested in being a part of the program, please contact us and tell us why OR start referring and make sure whomever books mentions you on the form during check out, that way thanks and dollars can be sent your way.